Oklahoma City Mayor - COVID-19 update 11-19-2020

Mayor David Holt is imploring Oklahoma City to take a break from higher-risk activities for the next 10 days, and keep our distance from each other to stop the skyrocketing spread of COVID-19 in the metro.

Since Nov. 1, daily new coronavirus case counts have nearly tripled in the OKC metro, according to public health data. About 1 out of every 100 metro residents has tested positive for the virus in the last three weeks.

Local hospitals are operating near capacity and expect even more patients soon.

Mayor Holt is asking for all Oklahoma City residents to take specific steps for at least the next 10 days to stop the spread:

• Don’t meet in groups, especially indoors. Politely decline social invitations.
• Order takeout to support restaurants. But don’t gather with others there.
• Think of ways to gather for Thanksgiving without doing it indoors around a dinner table.
• Transition to remote work. Do not hold in-person meetings.
• Religious leaders should encourage their communities to follow these guidelines.
• For any gathering that must take place, require masks and distancing.
• Wear masks or use curbside pickup for holiday shopping.

Mayor Holt will also update Oklahoma City’s COVID-19 emergency proclamation to mirror parts of Gov. Kevin Stitt’s recent executive order.

Bars, restaurants and requiring and similar venues are required to stop in-person service by 11 p.m., and provide at least 6 feet of distance or barriers between parties served on-premises. The new local proclamation provides local Police Department and code inspector enforcement of the statewide order.

Oklahoma City’s mask ordinance remains in place until at least Dec. 7. The City Council has discretion to consider an extension during its next scheduled meeting Nov. 24.

Watch Mayor Holt’s speech in its entirety on Facebook at fb.com/cityofokc.

Visit covid19.okc.gov for the latest local coronavirus information.