How does the Braille format alert work?

Q: What type of alerts will I receive with the AHAS service?

Q: Do I need special video equipment to receive the alerts?

Q: Will I need to purchase special equipment in the future if the program capabilities are expanded?

Q: How does the Braille format alert work?

A:Some Blind or Deaf and Blind individuals use braille for effective communication and may have access to a refreshable braille display which is an electro-mechanical device for displaying braille characters by raising dots through holes in a flat surface. These devices can receive text based emails and convert to braille. AHAS alerts include emergency information in text which can be read by braille readers.

Q: How will the equipment notify me that an alert has been issued?

Q: Do I need to carry my phone on my person while I am awake?

Q: What if I'm asleep and an alert is issued?

Q: Who can receive the alerts?

Q: I live outside of Oklahoma City, how can I receive the AHAS service?

Q: What is the cost for this service?