What if I'm asleep and an alert is issued?

Q: What type of alerts will I receive with the AHAS service?

Q: Do I need special video equipment to receive the alerts?

Q: Will I need to purchase special equipment in the future if the program capabilities are expanded?

Q: How does the Braille format alert work?

Q: How will the equipment notify me that an alert has been issued?

Q: Do I need to carry my phone on my person while I am awake?

Q: What if I'm asleep and an alert is issued?

A:A number of severe weather and man-made incidents occur during the overnight hours. Oklahoma City Emergency Management recommends deaf or hard of hearing individuals purchase a NOAA Weather radio with a bed shaker option. The Weather service radio will send an alert to activate the bed shaker. Deaf and hard of hearing individuals would still be able to receive an ASL, English voice and captioned alert from AHAS explaining what has caused the alert.

Q: Who can receive the alerts?

Q: I live outside of Oklahoma City, how can I receive the AHAS service?

Q: What is the cost for this service?