Mask Ordinance 07/17/2020

The City Council approved an emergency public safety ordinance requiring face coverings in indoor public places throughout Oklahoma City.

This ordinance takes effect immediately.

Public health officials say face coverings are key to slowing the spread of COVID-19. Evidence shows there’s a high risk of infected people spreading the virus with their breath if they don’t use a face covering. Evidence also shows infected people can spread the virus even if they don’t have symptoms.

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Face covering requirements

Everyone in Oklahoma City age 11 and up is required to wear a face covering, like a mask or face shield, in indoor public spaces. There are some exceptions.

Public health officials also recommend face coverings for children age 3 and up, although it’s not a requirement in the emergency ordinance.

Face coverings are required only in indoor spaces open to the public, including private property.

The face covering must cover both the nose and mouth. A face shield is an alternative to a cloth face covering or mask.

Exceptions to face covering requirements are:
• Children age 10 and under, unless required by a school or daycare.
• People working in an office who don’t have face-to-face interactions with the public.
• Patrons of restaurants and similar establishments while eating or drinking.
• People in settings where it isn’t practical or feasible to wear a face covering, like receiving dental services, swimming or playing at a playground.
• People engaged in sports (including for recreation).
• People engaged in cardio exercises.
• People inside any federal, state or county building or facility.
• People inside a public or private school building or facility, unless required by the school.
• People at a religious service or ceremony where social distancing is observed between groups of people from different households.
• People with a developmental disability.
• People who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

These requirements expire Sept. 8 unless the Council takes further action.


When responding to calls for enforcement, code inspectors or police officers will first offer a mask or an opportunity for the person to leave the public, indoor space.

People who refuse to wear the mask or leave would be subject to a fine of $9 on a conviction for a first or second offense. The fine would rise to a maximum of $100 for third and any subsequent offenses.

People with a medical condition preventing them from safely wearing a mask can produce a document from their physician confirming that information and will not be subject to a conviction and fine.

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